Home Videos by Luisa Tora


Still from Home Videos by Luisa Tora (2013)

There are many films about the Pacific but hardly any from the point of view of Pacific Islander’s themselves, even more so from that of the LGBTIQ community.

Home Videos is a short film by Manukau Institute of Technology (MIT) Visual Arts student, Luisa Tora that follows on one day, three lesbians of Maori and Pacific descent “who live and love outside of central Auckland”.

Before moving to Auckland and becoming a fancy art student, Luisa Tora worked for not-for-profit organisations in Fiji and was involved in LGBTIQ activism and the feminist movement. Luisa’s arts practice is an extention of her activism, “her advocacy is often literally colourful, as she has long used her art and literary talent for her activism”. (http://webmediaactive.com/women/luisa-tora/)

Home Videos responds to the dearth of stories about lesbians of colour in mainstream and LGBTIQ media in Auckland, the Pacific capital of New Zealand.

“This film is an attempt to represent a sub-culture of the gay community without any mediation or editing of the facts, and by doing so documenting and validating its existence,” says Luisa.

“When I came to Aotearoa four years ago, I sought out brown faces in the mainstream and LGBTIQ media in Auckland. I found them sometimes, but they weren’t as apparent as I’d expected and hoped they would be. So making this short film, with these women, where they live, is a response to this absence.”

Luisa plans to make a full-length documentary next year on the issues raised in Home Videos. She cheekily refers to this short film as “a practice run” for the documentary.

Home Videos (2013), directed by Luisa Tora. Featuring Molly Rangiwai- McHale, Sangeeta Singh and Luisa Tora.

Home Videos will be shown in Suva next month at A Night OUT at the Movies presented by Drodrolagi Movement, along with short films by New Zealand artists Tanu Gago, Leilani Kake and Sangeeta Singh.

Luisa’s short film The Homecoming (2008) made in Fiji (http://youtu.be/vf4TWgUG4Zo) will also be featured.

uv.dromo.outmovienightClick on poster to view details.

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