Pasifika Film & Arts Festival (PFAF )

482890_129738303879813_1098965398_nPasifika Film & Arts Festival
Studio 2204

A film and arts festival showcasing issues of interest related to the Pacific Island region.

The first Pasifika Film & Arts Festival (PFAF) is hosted by Studio 2204, from Friday 21 June to Sunday 30 June 2013 as part of Open Marrickville 2013 in Sydney.

PFAF brings stories from the Pacific to Marrickville’s doorstep. Featuring films, shorts, docos and animation from Melanesia, Micronesia and Polynesia, the festival will encourage members of our local Pacific community, especially our youth, to connect with their cultural heritage through visual arts and storytelling, while also sharing our wonderful Pasifika culture with the wider community.

6.00pm – 10.00pm

The PFAF program kicks off with an opening night extravaganza of Pasifika films, art, performance and more.

The Sound of Crickets at Night
Director: Jack Niedenthal & Suzanne Murphy
Length: 80 min
Genre:  Drama
Synopsis: An elderly nuclear survivor from Bikini Atoll summons a mysterious ancient deity to help reunite his family.

5:30pm – 8.30pm

SHORT FILMS FAMILY NIGHT: Animations, short films, comedy and short documenatries

Tales of Nanumea (Animation series)
Director: George Samuels

Tales from Nanumea is an animated series by George Samuels to help save the myths and legends of a sinking nation, Tuvalu. Its aim is to preserve the culture of Tuvalu, raise awareness of global warming, and re-engage youth and Elders through cultural animation.

Pai & Vau
Length: 3.34 min
Genre:  Drama
Synopsis: A Tuvaluan legend about Nanumea’s founder, Tefolaha, and the two island women, Pai & Vau, who once inhabited the island.

Te Lima
Length: 2 min
Genre:  Action
Synopsis: During World War II, somethinginexplicable happens to a small group of Germans after encountering a warrioron the island of Nanumea.

Defeat of Tulaapoupou
Length: 2 min
Genre:  Action
Synopsis: A Tongan giant falls at the hands of Nanumea’s protector, Lapi, leaving an imprint in the land for futuregenerations to remember.

Samuels, George, dir. Pai & Vau. 2008. Animated Film.

Pai & Vau is one of three short animations by George Samuels that will be screening at the Pasifika Film & Arts Festival. Traditions say that the first people to be found on the island of Nanumea, Tuvalu, were two women, Pai and Vau. Tefolaha (a man whose true origins are debated to be either Samoan or Tongan) tricked the two women, with the use of his spiritual prowess, into thinking that he was the true founder of the land. As a result, Pai and Vau were forced to leave the island, leaving Tefolaha as the new founder, guardian and protector.

Director: Tresa Ponner
Length: 12 min
Genre:  Comedy
Synopsis: Sosefina escapes her big, loud, annoying Samoan family and their rundown house to pretend to live in a displayhouse.

Director: Leilani Gibson
Length: 5.27 min
Genre:  Documentary
Synopsis: This filmspeaks of the spiritual world and discusses the traditional story of a beautiful Tongan woman, Fehuluni, as told through the eyes of artist and curator Loketi Niua Latu.

This is My Culture
Director: Ranu James
Length: 4.55 min
Genre:  Documentary
Synopsis: Culture issomething intrinsically linked to who we are, it cannot be separated fromsomeone and to treat everyone the same is to deny our uniqueness.

A Pork Bun for Charlotte
Director: Jason Taouma
Length: 7.21 min
Genre:  Comedy
Synopsis: A heart-warmingtale of love, struggle and a pork bun.



Chanel, Marie, dir. Too Familia. n.d. Short Film.

Too Familia
Director: Marie Chanel
Length: 5 min
Genre:  Drama
Synopsis: Too Familia is a short film by Marie Chanel which is a comedic take on two strangers mourning, trying to hold their composer while hung-over at the wake of a loved one. Unbeknowst to them, their chance encounter at the wake triggers memories of meeting the night before in a drunken mess – leading to the realisation that they’re just too familia.

Pacific Women’s Weaving Circle
Director: Lisa Hilli
Length: 5.39 min
Genre:  Documentary
Synopsis: Love, laughter, excitement and a passion fortradition and contemporary Pacific weaving. It’s a document of what happenswhen Pacific Islander women get together to weave.

The Tongans: Meet the Parents
Director: Kalo Fainu
Length: 22 min
Genre:  Drama
Synopsis: Getting to her high school formal provesdifficult for Siva when her Tongan family get in the way of her big night.

5:30pm – 8.30pm

WEST PAPUA/PNG FILM NIGHT Drama and documentry films from West Papua and Papua New Guinea


Brown, Dominic, dir. Forgotten Bird of Paradise. 2009. Documentary.

Forgotten Bird of Paradise
Director: Dominic Brown
Length:  27 min
Genre:  Documentary
Synopsis: Forgotten Bird of Paradise is a documentary film about the struggle for independence being fought in West Papua.

Painim Aut
Director: Platon Theodoris
Length:  34.26 min
Genre:  Drama
Synopsis: Esther, a teenage girl from Chimbu provincein PNG, fears she has contracted HIV from her boyfriend Jimi.

Bigpela Bagarap (Big Damage)
Director: Davide Fedele
Length:  43 min
Genre:  Documentary
Synopsis: Bikpela Bagarap (Big Damage) reveals thehuman face of logging in Papua New Guinea.

5.30pm – 8.30pm


Upi Mop Le (The Last Fish)
Director: John Harvey
Length:  43 min
Genre:  Documentary
Synopsis: This film explores how Torres StraitIslander artist Ricardo Idagi maintains a sense of connection with ‘home’through his artwork.

The Hungry Tide
Director: Tom Zubrycki
Length:  90 min
Genre:  Documentary
Synopsis: A personal story about a Pacific nation onthe frontline of climate change.

5.30pm – 8.30pm

WEST PAPUA/PNG FILM NIGHT Drama and documentry films from West Papua and Papua New Guinea

Ironic Survival
Director: Urbanus Kiaf, Wenda Tokomonowir, LeoMoyuwend
Length:  5.46 min
Genre:  Documentary
Synopsis: After living in harmony with nature forgenerations, Alex Mahuze is forced to earn money through means that ironicallyharm the environment.

Hopes of the Cendrawasih Children
Director: FX Making
Length:  7 min
Genre:  Documentary
Synopsis: Primary school children in Arso on the Indonesian-Papua New Guinea border are keen to study – but teachers rarely cometo the local school.

The Last Hunter
Director: Urbanus Kiaf
Length:  8.23 min
Genre:  Documentary
Synopsis: In 1990 the Wasur National Park in Meraukewas made to protect the biodiversity and empower the local inhabitants.  In 2012 there are very few animals left inthe park.  Hunter Leo Wambitman is on theverge of giving up his bow to sell timber instead.



Pollet, Olivier, dir. Canning Paradise. 2012. Documentary.

Canning Paradise
Director: Olivier Pollet
Length:  90 min
Genre:  Documentary
Synopsis: Decades of overfishing by the global tunaindustry have now pushed the final frontiers to the waters of PNG.  Canning Paradise follows the struggle of indigenous tribes to protect their sacred way of life.

5.30pm – 8.30pm


The Embrace of Night (Go to Sleep)
Director: Robert George
Length:  5.34 min
Genre: Experimental
Synopsis:  ‘The space that is occupied between myths & dreams’
A five minute experimental video installation that attempts to describe our interiorlandscape. A place where people naturally blend their busy waking lives withtheir emotions and ideas to create a narrative that is completely unique tothem, and yet universal to us all.

Reva Reva
Director: Paia Juste-Constant
Length:  7.55 min
Genre:  Documentary
Synopsis: Reva Reva is a story about filmmaker Paia Juste-Constant’s connection to her grandmothers and their full body tattoos.This beautiful canvas is far greater than a staining of the skin, more than apattern of ink.

Director: Story Weavers
Length:  15 min
Genre:  Drama
Synopsis:  Pearl is a short film written, directed and filmed by acollective of young people from Pacific backgrounds – incorporating everyone’sidea of how it is to be a young Pacific person living in Australia NOW! It’sthe story of Dinah, a young woman struggling with her grandmother’s death andthe demands that her family place on her.

My Moko
Director: Andrew Scarano
Length:  6.30 min
Genre:  Documentary
Synopsis: Brent Kerehona takes us behind hisMoko to reveal issues of identity crisis and culturally conflict he has had todeal with growing up in Australia.


McCartney, Marina, dir. Milk & Honey. 2012. Short Film.

Milk and Honey
Director: Marina McCartney
Length:  15 min
Genre:  Drama
Synopsis:  A chance meeting between two Samoan immigrants forces them to contemplate their future in the land of milk and honey.

Common Kings: We on Tour
Director: Hagoth Aiono
Genre:  Documentary
Australian Premiere Common King’s We On Tour short documentary

Pasifika Film and Arts Festival

Studio 2204

20 Farr Street, Marrickville,
NSW, Australia

Friday 21 – Sunday 23 June 2013
Friday 28 – Sunday 30 June 2013
5.30pm – 8.30pm

Opening Night: Friday 21 June 2013
6pm – 10pm

Tickets for the OPENING NIGHT event are FREE – however please book online for catering purposes.

For all other screening sessions: Adult tickets are $5 per session and children under 12 are free.

For screenings please take along your own cushion or pillow (limited seating available).

Bookings essential via:


Twitter: @PFAF2013

PrintStudio 2204 was started by photographer/filmmakers Kalo Fainu and Tanja Bruckner and is a creative space in Marrickville, a suburb of Sydney’s Inner West. The space is available for film, photography, workshops, exhibitions, events etc. Website: Facebook:

For more information contact:
Kalo Fainu 0424 445 839 or Tanja Bruckner 0424 456 004

All Images: via PFAF Facebook page



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