PACSOC Young Pacific Artists Program


The Pacific Islands Society (PacSoc) is calling on young artists (20-30 years old) from the Pacific region to submit portfolios of their work. Successful applicants will then have selected works from their portfolio featured on the PacSoc blog alongside a brief profile of the artist and contact information for how the artist can be reached.

PacSoc recognizes that the rich cultural tapestry of the Pacific Islands region is producing talented young Pacific artists. Unfortunately, a lack of awareness for their work is preventing them from realizing their full potential on the world stage.

“There is not a lack of interest in Pacific Islands culture here in Europe but rather a lack of familiarity. By simply sharing art, music, food, and dance from the Pacific Island Countries, we can bridge the geographic divide that separates London and Suva. In so doing, we will not only foster the spread of Pacific Islands culture but also provide opportunities for cultural entrepreneurs like young artists to discover new markets for their creations.” Pacific Islands Society President Eddie Walsh

Over the next year, the Society will work to have the works of selected artists featured at a Pacific Artists: The Next Generation cultural event being planned for the spring of 2014 at the School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London.

If you are interested in being considered for this opportunity, please forward a one-page expression of interest, 3-5 high-resolution photos of your best work, and any coverage that your art has received in your local media to by 17:00 GMT on 30 JUNE 2013.

The Pacific Islands Society is an independent, non-partisan, non-governmental organization dedicated to promoting stronger people-people relations within the Pacific Islands region and beyond.

Pacific Artists: The Next Generation is one of the society’s programmes designed to empower young leaders in the Pacific Islands region.




Twitter: @PacIslandsSoc

Images courtesy of Pacific Islands Society


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