since i’ve been back…

I must say a month of regular blogging after four months of silence is very time consuming for someone who has a 9-5 job where Urban Viti is a side thing that occupies my brain most of the time.

There’s a lot that goes on behind the scenes – contacting people, emails going back and forth, researching, getting permission to use images, editing and more editing etc. etc.

I have heaps of ideas for this blog – in fact 17 posts pending and lo and behold I’m even thinking about concepts for my own arts practice…that’s what having no TV does to you. You think, you create. I’ve missed that.

I’ll be taking time-off to from blogging to re-evaluate what I want out of Urban Viti. Having said that I do have a few more stories to post this month, so watch this space.

Here’s a round-up of posts in March {click on the coloured text to view posts}:


A fresh look at vale ni style with vale ni style #1 and some tapa spotting {i spy}.


#TeamMela @ Pataka

PATAKA in Porirua, Wellington currently have two exhibitions showcasing Melanesia. The Black Islands is a photography exhibition by Ben Bohane (until 21 April) and Baskets of Melanesia (until 23 June) features baskets from all over Melanesia.

Island Style: Dancing the Pacific an exhibition that draws on the rich collections of images, words and sound held at the Alexander Turnbull Library and celebrates dance traditions as a vibrant expression of Pacific cultures. How do we as Pacific Islanders depicted in these archival images construct our own history around the memories that are still available? I recount my own memories and family history in this post. Do the images speak to you? What do they say? What memory do they evoke?

Maketi Ples 2013 a summary of the the third Maketi Ples that was held from 20 February – 10 March 2013 at Global Gallery in Paddington, Sydney.

2013 Contemporary Pacific Arts Festival 5-7 April 2013, Melbourne, Australia has been developed by Footscray Community Arts Centre and the Big Island Collective to bring together a series of events that showcase excellence in Pacific contemporary arts in Melbourne. This exciting cross artform event includes exhibitions, workshops, film screenings, a community day celebration, forums and much more! If you’re in Melbourne, do check it out.

Call out for submissions/proposals

Towards a Niu Oceania?: A SPACLALS Hui (Auckland, New Zealand). SPACLALS Hui investigates and celebrates Pacific Arts and Criticism by inviting submissions (critical papers, creative performances, workshops). DUE 30 APRIL 2013.

Pasifika Film & Arts Festival (Sydney, Australia) is on from Friday 21 June to Sunday 30 June 2013 as part of Open Marrickville 2013 in . Submissions for short films, docos, animation, photography and visual art pieces are DUE 10 MAY 2013.

Vinaka Vakalevu to those who have shared Urban Viti over the last few weeks!


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