Pasifika Film & Arts Festival


 20 June 2012 UPDATE: See for program and list of featured films.

The first Pasifika Film & Arts Festival hosted by Studio 2204 is on from Friday 21 June to Sunday 30 June 2013 as part of Open Marrickville 2013.

Submission for the Pasifika Film & Arts Festival is open to Pacific Islanders from Australia, as well as International submissions. The organisers are looking for entries for short films, docos, animation, photography and visual art pieces to be considered for the festival.

“I would strongly encourage Pacific Islander artists to put their hands up and get involved by submitting entries to the festival. We would definitely encourage as many artists from the Pacific community to get involved and represent themselves and their communities through their artwork.” ~ Kalo Fainu

Submissions due 10 MAY 2013. For more information phone + 61 2 8959 2110 or email or check the Pasifika Film & Arts Festival Facebook page here for updates.


PrintStudio 2204 was started by photographer/filmmakers Kalo Fainu and Tanja Bruckner and is a creative space in Marrickville, a suburb of Sydney’s Inner West. The space is available for film, photography, workshops, exhibitions, events etc.

Kalo Fainu wrote, produced and directed The Tongans: Meet The Parents (2011), a film about a Tongan family living in suburban Sydney.

Since making the film, Kalo has been on the search for Pasifika films, filmmakers, story tellers and visual artists. The idea of hosting an event to showcase Pasifika film/photography and art has always sat in the back of her mind and when the opportunity to host one at the Open Marrickville 2013 came up, she jumped at it. The festival celebrates culture and diversity in Marrickville.

Tanja Bruckner is established fashion photographer and exhibited artist. Her commercial photography work has been published by numerous leading popular culture periodicals. She has an interest in the West Papua movement.

Last year Kalo and Tanja travelled to Papua New Guinea to shoot at the Morobe Agricultural show in Lae, and the Kenu and Kundu Festival (Canoe & Drum Festival) in Alotau.


Pasifika Film & Arts Festival

Open Marrickville 2013


The Tongans: Meet The Parents

Images courtesy of Kalo Fainu

Sia in Taro


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