Etsy finds {Hawaiian Quilts}

Hawaiian quilting derives from the kapa moe, a traditional bed cover made from kapa textile. Kapa is the Hawaiian tapa made from the inner bark of local trees. Traditional kapa was beaten and felted, then dyed in geometric patterns.

Hawaiian quilts have distinctive quilting styles that usually have stylised botanical motifs.


Ulu (breadfruit) design in dark green on a tan background from kauaikwilts.  The edges are unfinished so this can turned into a pillow, wall hanging or incorporated into a larger piece.

$US48.00 (excludes postage) from kauaikwilts.


Anthurium pattern in maroon on a pale pink (like the colour of a seashell) background from AllAloha. This was hand quilted in the 1980’s by the sellers grandmother, Lucille. She was a master quilter from the island of Maui.

$US55.00 (excludes postage) from AllAloha.

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