Star Wars and the Fiji {re}connection

Remember that one time…around the grog bowl when I told you about the Failed Paradise (an awesome Fiji blog) post on Star Wars using wooden Fijian war clubs as inspiration for props…well Sean Mallon from the Museum of New Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa picked up on it and blogged about the Fijian weapon totokia .

Gaderffii or gaffi stick used by the Tusken Raider from Star Wars and a Fijian war club, ‘Totokia’

…In Fiji during the 1800s, totokia were weapons often associated with chiefs and warriors of reputation. According to Fiji material culture scholar Fergus Clunie who describes it as a beaked battlehammer, “…the totokia was intended to “peck” holes in skulls.” The weight of the head of the club was concentrated in the point of the beak of the weapon or kedi-toki (toki” to peck; i toki: a bird’s beak) (1977:55). The totokia “…delivered a deadly blow in an abrupt but vicious stab, not requiring the wide swinging arc demanded by the others.” (1986:185) It was a club that could be used in open warfare or to finish-off or execute warriors on the battlefield…

Read more on the Te Papa blog…

Star Wars has a Fijian War Club {blog post by Failed Paradise}


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