Pacific Voices

OREXART presents the contemporary Pacific voices of Fijian artists’ Irami Buli and Josua Toganivalu, and New Zealand-born artist Glen Wolfgramm, who is of Tongan and Irish descent.

While the exhibition does not seek to make any particular statement about contemporary Pacific art within such a narrow frame, of interest are the ways in which each artist draw on Pacific motifs as a device within the work, giving individual expression to contemporary cultural experience.

Pacific Voices

Irami Buli, Josua Toganivalu, Glen Wolfgramm

3 July – 21 July 2012

Preview: Tuesday 3 July 5 – 7pm

Entry at Upper Khartoum Place, Kitchener St
Auckland, New Zealand

Opening Hours
Tuesday – Friday 11 am – 5 pm
Saturday – 11 am – 3 pm

Phone: 649 379 0588 Email:

Josua’s back in business by Solomoni Biumaiono / Fiji Times interview with Josua Toganivalu

Talanoa: Irami Buli / Urban Viti interview with Irami Buli

Source: Tautai Image: Josua Toganivalu


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