vale ni style : {Mario Basilio}

who: Mario Basilio, Store Manager for Va Bene, an Italian wine and gourmet store in Suva

affiliations: Rotuma/Fiji

fan: Handmade woven dried coconut leaves fan by my mother is my identity accessory.

home decor: This art piece mirror by George Evans of Smashing Art Fiji was a house warming gift. I love the fact that he glues the broken mirror on the edges as deco. He never reveals to me the secret of how he does that. So it’s like a mystery mirror.

jewellery: I had my ear pierced in Sydney about four years ago and its one of those ear holes where you have to stretch so it took me awhile to get the size I wanted. The earring was a gift. The piece is a handmade black coral, oblong in shape with an open end.

clothes: I love bright and loud personality in clothes. The AX Armani Exchange pink cashmere sweater was a gift from Samson Lee to compliment my personality. The scarf was a thrift store find here in Suva – also by AX Armani Exchange. I love it because of the mixture of colours and print, and also the fine detailed ruffles on the edge.

Vale ni style means ‘house of style’ in Fijian. This Urban Viti column features stylish Pasifika guests who give us a glimpse into their closets and homes. Check  out more vale ni style’s here.


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