PASIFIKA 2012 Calendar + my desk

I received my Darwin’s Pasifika 2012 Calendar in the mail last week from Julia and was going to post a photo of the calendar hanging on my wall at work on Urban Viti’s Facebook page. But after taking photos of the calendar and of my desk, I thought I’d devote a whole blog post about my colourful desk.

One wall is full of postcards and exhibition flyers, mostly thanks to Ema Tavola and Fresh Gallery Otara.  Bottom L-R: Andy Warhol style photobooth photo of myself and postcard from Andy Warhol exhibition at GoMa; Close-up of Jumping Castle War Memorial by Brook Andrew; Close-up of Postcard of Unsettled Earth Pylon City (2006) by Ema Tavola; Fresh Gallery Otara exhibition flyer from 23 Jan- 14 Feb 2009.

Suva City till infinity! I made the Suva City canvas print from Chinese paper cut alphabets; Feathers – I collect them as I find them on my walks to and from work; I collected the elephants by chance. The silver one is a tea leaf strainer I bought, the littlel red one I found on the ground one morning on my way to work and the bigger Indian looking one I got from the Victoria Park Market in Auckland – one of the store holders gave it away for free; The Māori waka (canoe) I got from Auckland.

Darwin’s PASIFIKA 2012 Calendar | $AU29.99
February : “Skin deep – the marks of my identity run through to the womb”

Head over to

and order your copy today!


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