vale ni style : {Neisau Tuidraki}

who: Neisau Tuidraki, Freelance Communications Specialist/Blogger

affiliations: Fiji

 clothes: Being plus size in Fiji makes it hard to shop but having said that Fiji is also the best place to get unique pieces done because there are tailors galore here. The trick is to find a tailor that actually knows how to sew. My husband is from the Cook Islands, so I get a steady supply of beautiful Cook Island prints. My latest piece is a versatile tube dress that can be worn as one – shouldered or off the shoulder. I incorporated some lovely blue Cook Island prints on the frills. It’s super comfy and I love the frills.

jewellery: I am an accessories person. Earrings and rings specifically, I have jewellery boxes full of the stuff. But my absolute favourite piece is my mother of pearl ring that was hand made by a French jeweller that was based here in Fiji some time ago. It was love at first sight for me, the odd shape and beautiful silver spoke to me. I bought it 10 years ago and I wear it with everything.

The blue swirl earrings I bought for $10 from the jewellery cart across from Vodafone at MHCC. As you can see, blue is my fave colour. I try to work it to my wardrobe somehow. A good pair of earrings is the easiest and cheapest way to glam an outfit, they’re a great way to spotlight my eyes and face. I love huge disc earrings, they are my signature style and when I saw this pair, I was hooked.

Vale ni style means ‘house of style’ in Fijian. This Urban Viti column features stylish Pasifika guests who give us a glimpse into their closets and homes. Check  out more vale ni style’s here.


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