vale ni style : {Andrew Douglas}

who: Andrew Douglas, Contributing writer for Macaulay & Maestro (; Studying Fashion Design at The Auckland University of Technology

affiliations: Papua New Guinea/New Zealand

bag: Being from Papua New Guinea, I have an affinity with bilums. Bilums are hand-made string bags from Papua New Guinea that have so many uses, from carrying babies to kumara and coconuts. This particular one was given to me as a gift from my bubu (grand-mother) and is quite modern with a much longer handle. It’s made from synthetic wool which is different to the traditional bilums. I really love the contrast between the grey marl and fluro green.

diy: One of the greatest joys in my life is attending music festivals and concerts. I also see it as an opportunity to get rather creative with my outfits. In 2011, M.I.A. was performing at Big Day Out and being such a huge fan I had to wear something that was inspired by her. She released the song XXXO that year which was how I came about with the design for this t-shirt. I wanted something bright and colorful that would stand out in the Boiler Room where she performed so I splattered fluro fabric paint on it, Jackson Pollock style.

shoes: My favourite shoes are definitely my black tobe high-tops which I have had for over three years. tobe is a New Zealand brand from Wellington and the shoes are hand-made from Whanganui leather. They’re so comfortable and versatile as they can be worn as high or low top shoes. I love wearing them with a great pair of skinnies either tucked into the shoes or over the tops.

Vale ni style means ‘house of style’ in Fijian. This Urban Viti column features stylish Pasifika guests who give us a glimpse into their closets and homes. Check  out more vale ni style’s here.

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