Darwin’s PASIFIKA 2012 Calendar

Darwin’s PASIFIKA 2012 Calendar | $AU29.99 (excludes postage)

Darwin’s PASIFIKA 2012 Calendar  celebrates the multi-cultural diversity of Darwin – with images crossing all cultures touched by PASIFIKA through dance.

The calendar was created by Julia Gray of Sunameke in collaboration with Hair by Renee Lalor and Lash to Lash.

Artistic grants are few and far between with very little funding for regional cultural dance. The sale of  Darwin’s PASIFIKA 2012 Calendar is funding Sunameke’s little Sunameke Group to attend workshops in Tahiti, to learn traditional Tahitian dance.

Sunameke are a performance group based in Darwin that was formed in 1997 by two sets of Australian based Papua New Guinea sisters: Julia Mage’au Gray &  Yolanda Gray and Katrina Sonter &  Samantha Sonter.

Sunameke’s performances are a combination of traditional and contemporary that is distinctively Oceania.

“I can’t create any of my work unless I have a strong traditional grounding of whatever I’m using from that dance style. The PNG stuff, we were brought up with it. But I’ve always been attracted to ‘Ori Tahiti’ or Tahitian dancing and, you know, it’s the same with Samoa and all of those things, you have to go to the places, find out what the people are like. That will tell you why they move the way they move.”  ~ Julia Gray [Interview with Mosca Media]

I  interviewed the lovely Julia back in August last year for Urban Viti’s Talanoa column. Check out the interview here.

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and order your copy today!

Photos by Julia Gray for Darwin’s PASIFIKA 2012 Calendar photo shoot

Darwin Pasifika on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DarwinsPASIFIKAcalendar

Photos from Darwin’s PASIFIKA 2012 Calendar by Julia Gray on Flickr: http://www.flickr.com/photos/sunameke/sets/72157628774533843/with/6659143829/

Sunameke: www.sunameke.com

Sunameke on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/sunameke/82891718284

MoscaMedia Interview |  Julia Gray of Sunameke Productions (Darwin)http://www.moscamedia.com.au/2012/01/04/moscamedia-interview-julia-gray-of-sunameke-productions-darwin/ 

Urban Viti Interview | Talanoa: Julia Mage’au Gray:  https://urbanviti.wordpress.com/2011/08/19/talanoa-julia-mage%E2%80%99au-gray-sunameke/


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