Zazzle Pasifika

I was browsing the internet and I came across these Pacific influenced covers for iPhones and iPads over at Zazzle.  Zazzle is one of those online retailer stores that allows users to upload images and create their own merchandise to sell like clothing, posters etc.

This Samoan tapa iPhone case looks like the real thing…although what’s up with the product name “Samoan tapa surfboard”…

Samoan Tapa Surfboard iPhone 4 Cases $AU54.85. Created by DriveIndustries

Loving this Fijian tapa case. I dream of tapa pin-wheels everyday.
Tapa Case: iPhone $AU49.95. Created by NoKaOiClothingCoDj

Woven mat iPad cover. Again looks so real.Lauhala Case: ipad $AU59.95. Created by NoKaOiClothingCoDj

And this Samoan influenced iPad cover.Samoan Tapa Surfboard iPad 1 Cases$AU54.85 Created by DriveIndustries

You can browse through Zazzle to find other Pacific influenced products, just enter words “Fiji”, “Samoa”, “island”, “tapa” etc in the search bar to find them. A lot are a bit hit and miss but these products above are a gem. Happy searching!

Click on the product names below the images (in pink) to view the iPhone and iPad cases on Zazzle.


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