Hello 2012!

Ello folks! Hope your Christmas and New Years was blessed.

I spent much of December home in Fiji. 20 glorious days!

I went home for my best friends wedding and was privileged to be her maid of honour. Congratulations Johanna and Kolaia!

Here’s a few snap shots of my trip home.

Click on image to view full version
1. Flying into Nadi 2. J&K tie the knot! 3. Getting my mehndi done for the wedding 4. Us bridesmaids having a moment with the bride 5. Trips to the Suva market 6. Mana 7. Pinky making our miti (a coconut sauce) with love 8. Countless meals with family and friends 9. Almost daily walks along the Nasese seawall 10. My favourite spot in Suva – Nabukalou Creek and MH’s 11. Pinky and Sangi smelling that sweet sweet coconut oil 12. Cream Buns from Hot Bread Kitchen 13. Catchup with friends over cocktails 14. Coconut tree 15. A quick visit to the Fiji Muesum 16Mangos 17. Feeling the beautiful Pacific Ocean in my feet 18. Farewells at the wharf but here’s to a new beginning…

A look back at 2011

2011 was a good year.  I had the opportunity to exhibit my work after such a long time.

First up was at Pacific Storms: Lusim Land at Logan Art Gallery in Queensland.

Standing in front of my digital prints.
Top: My Land My History by Telly Tuita. Digital prints 2011. Bottom: an/other oceania by Dulcie Stewart. Digital prints 2011.

I also exhibited an/other oceania later in the year at the opening of the Gallery of Oceanian Art at the University of the South Pacific in Suva, Fiji.

And I was also part of Diasporadic679, a public exhibition of Fiji artists living in diaspora. D679 was part of the 2011 Southside Arts Festival in South Auckland.

 Diasporadic679 Fiji-Fly-Grrls! Dulcie Stewart (Australia), Sangeeta Singh (NZ), Luisa Tora (NZ), Torika Bolatagici (Australia), Margaret Aull (NZ), Ema Tavola (NZ)  and Tagi Qolouvaki (USA).

 Urban Viti also turned 1 last year! To celebrate I gave away a copy of one of the 12 digital prints from an/other oceania…which I still have yet to delivery on. Sorry Derek!

 I was interviewed by Drum Pasifika, which I think led to my interview on Radio Australia with Isabelle Genoux.

Speaking of interviews, check out my Talanoa sessions (interviews) with a bunch of amazing talented Pacific Islanders here. Vinaka Jack Eastgate, Cerisse Palalagi, Julia Mage’au Gray, Maryann Talia-Pau, Lainee Fagafa, Darren Kamali, Derek Cleland, Loketi Niua Latu, Irami Buli, Ema Tavola and Luisa Tora for letting me interrogate yous.

Vinaka Vakalevu to my readers, those who supplied me with information and photos and to the inspirational artists, curators and creative people – you’re all incredible!

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Wishing you all the best for 2012!


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