DIASPORADIC679 crest designed by Nicole Lim. Based on the Fiji passport design, the new crest replaces the Fiji Islands Coat of Arms.

DIASPORADIC679 brings together the work of seven Fiji women artists based in Canberra and Brisbane, Australia; Hawai’i; Waikato and South Auckland, Aotearoa/New Zealand.

Fiji-Fly-Grrls! Dulcie Stewart (Australia), Sangeeta Singh (NZ), Luisa Tora (NZ), Torika Bolatagici (Australia), Margaret Aull (NZ), Ema Tavola (NZ)  and Tagi Qolouvaki (USA).

I’m excited to be part of this sexy beast of an exhibition! Collectively, each of the Fiji Fly Grrls art practices represent investigations into text and urban landscapes, feminism and sexuality, militarism, power and struggle. Our works reflect on Fiji Islander identity and diaspora experience from seven diverse positions.

In the form of posters, our works are installed in the windows of six venues in and around Otahuhu Town Centre in South Auckland.

The six venues for DIASPORADIC679 are within a short walk of each other. Click here  for venue details.

DIASPORADIC679 is part of the 2011 Southside Arts Festival which kicks off today.

Browse the DIASPORADIC679 blog or pick up an exhibition catalogue at any of the venues to learn more about the artists and Otahuhu’s cultural landscape, from a Fijian perspective!


17-25 October 2011
Otahuhu, South Auckland, Aotearoa New Zealand

Diasporadic679 blog: http://diasporadic679.wordpress.com
Venues: http://diasporadic679.wordpress.com/venues/
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Diasporadic679/242715675776045
Diasporadic679 crest: http://diasporadic679.wordpress.com/2011/09/28/could-we-be-stauncher/
Southside Arts Festival: http://www.mfa.org.nz/home/

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