Exhibition: Kudru

5-13 August 2011
i Crave Bistro
Suva, Fiji

Curated by writer and film maker Larry Thomas.

“In putting this exhibition together, I wanted to have a theme that had one word but reflected a myriad of feelings, emotions and issues.  The word that sprang immediately to mind was the word ‘kudru’ which means to grumble, groan or grunt.” ~ Larry Thomas

Kudru opened last week and features three established Fijian artists, Mason James Lee, Anare Somumu and Irami Buli. All three artists recently exhibited at Pacific Storms in Australia.

Each artist has created a few pieces of work under the theme which reflect social ills such as child abuse, violence against women, abandonment, environmental degradation and poverty.  Pieces are titled, Broken, Molested Innocence, Sideline and Lost Love to name a few.

“Some of the pieces in this collection are very personal, reflecting personal experiences and some of the pieces tell us about this country and the issues we are confronted with on a daily basis, Thomas said.

“In forcing these artists to think about Kudru, they have had to step out of their comfort zone to explore areas they normally do not delve in.  While these artists have been confined to a theme, I had to be careful that their art was not compromised, that they still have the freedom to produce “freely”, he added.

Thomas said exhibitions such as Kudru are important in building the careers of the artists, as it provided an opportunity to get to know the artists while at the same time giving them the confidence that many out there appreciate and value their art and their contribution to society.

Irami Buli in front of his painting “Just Corn Me My Sweet”. Image via Fiji Times

5-13 August 2011

i Crave Bistro
51 Carnarvon Street
Suva, Fiji

Contact: Ana Laqeretabua  (679) 7080107

Fiji TV News. 7 August 2011.

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Edited: 15 August, 2011.


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