Tovolea Mada : Tapa hearts for J&K

In March one of my best friends, Johanna got engaged to the lovely Kolaia. She’s a big fan of my craft work (yes, I have a crafty side) and I knew she’d love a hand-made gift. One Christmas I made her personalised stationary that she used to send out to 30 of her family and friends on her 30th birthday.

Framed tapa hearts for J&K



Print out heart template according to size required. Note: Check Google Images for heart templates here. Using Microsoft Word, I made a box the size of the photo for the photo frame. In this case 4”x6” (standard photograph size). I then pasted the heart shapes into the box, to see how many hearts would fit in the frame. Cut out one heart for your template.

Place heart template on tapa. I lifted it up to the light to see what patterns on the tapa would show on the heart. I used tapa from Fiji which is good to use because of its repeated geometrical patterns.

Trace heart template onto tapa and cut. Preferably with a sharp pencil…and yes, that’s how us lefties hold pencils/pens.

Place photo mat on top of paper and mark corners. I used paper from a sketch/art journal as the background paper.

Remove mat and place hearts within marked corners. After you’re happy with the layout, glue hearts onto paper with trusty glue stick.

And there you have it – framed tapa hearts.

Congratulations J&K 🙂

Kala Vata : J & K’s engagement outfit.

East St. Kilda, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. 12 March, 2011.

Taken on iPhone using Hipstamtic iPhone App.

Originally published on i see oceania, 7 July, 2011.

Tovolea mada is Fijian for “go ahead and try” and is Urban Viti’s DIY blog post series.

6 thoughts on “Tovolea Mada : Tapa hearts for J&K

  1. Johanna Ram says:

    Love everything you make for me… and yes, I am now satisfied that I have made it to your blog.. not in an artist sense but as an appreciation to your arty farty side… love you heaps my bestie!

  2. Reama Naco says:

    Bula Dulcie! That’s so sweet! I am Kolaia’s cousin and Johanna had told me about their blog site for the wedding. Would you be able to send me the link to the their blog site please so I can read. Time just flies before we know it will be December again.

    Vinaka & kind regards!

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