Malu ‘Right of Passage’ Multimedia Installation | Mau Muaiava

Video from the multimedia installation piece by Mau Muaiava. In this exhibition the artist explores the ‘art’ of the Samoan female tatau (MALU) by sharing excerpts from her own personal experience, perspective and her family link to this unique Samoan heritage art form.

The video  was part of a solo exhibition Malu: Rite of Passage  in April at the Te Karanga Gallery in Auckland.

Music for multi-media installation piece – Poulima Salima. Video via Creative New Zealand.

MAUasamoa V. Muaiava
MAU is an independent filmmaker/director, activist and visual artist currently based in the city of Auckland, New Zealand. Born in Samoa and later raised in New Zealand MAU is of Samoan, German and Portuguese descent.

The artist is named after the MAU movement a non-violent movement established during the early 1900s about Samoa’s Independence from colonial rule. MAU is not the only one from her fathers family to carry the name, she is also the namesake for her grandmother MAUOSAMOA who helped raise her during her early years back in Samoa. To this day the name has been passed down and on to other members of her extended aiga (family) so that its legacy lives on through the generations. The translation and meaning behind her name MAU is to form an ‘opinion’ or ‘testimony’ and through the Visual Arts medium she hopes to achieve this by creating thought provoking, authentic and aesthetic works that will engage audiences from all walks of life.


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