Urban Viti in Drum Pasifika

Drum Pasifika,  front cover, Issue 1, June 2011. Image via Drum Pasifika

Urban Viti was featured in the first issue of Drum Pasifika.

Drum Pasifika is a new monthly Pacific magazine published in Australia. I talanoa with the editor of Drum Pasifika, Iva Tora.

Tell us about Drum Pasifika and how it came about.
The idea of a magazine catering specially to the Pacific community in Oz had been a concept I’d been toying with for quite a number of years.

I initially thought of a woman’s magazine targeting only Pacific women but after lots of talking and talking and brainstorming with friends and community reps, I settled on a magazine which encompassed the entire community and one that wouldn’t divide on the basis of gender.

That’s when IMODE was born — which some, of your readers may be aware of. IMODE was an online magazine that had a pretty good following in its short life but after trying to market IMODE, I realised that the community was still by and large, old school and would be more engaged with a print magazine.

I mean let’s face it, most of us like the idea of taking home your own souvenir copy that doesn’t require a computer, electricity or so many megabytes to run or read. IMODE folded last year and I realised I had to find a backer to publish and print a magazine for me because as you;d be aware it costs a lot in dollars to print so many thousands of copies and then distribute them etc etc.

This year, thankfully, I found a backer — a local publishing house called DUCKS CROSSING — that was quite keen to publish DRUM PASIFIKA and could see the potential in it.

Drum has really been a dream come true.

What is the aim of Drum Pasifika? What will it feature?
DRUM aims to be essentially a source of information and of news about people, events and issues that affect the community — whether they be health, social welfare issues or legal problems..

I’d like to think that DRUM will have its finger on the pulse of the community.

For the first edition, the Cover story takes a look at the disturbing rates of Pacific youth in NSW jails. This is, as you can imagine, a senstive subject and we’ve interviewed people from the community about that and based our figures on a very well known report on the subject.

We’re also running stories on artists, exhibitions, sports, politics and community news such as Mothers Day functions and charity events.

There is also a section on news from the region because folks here are still interested in what’s happening back in the islands.

But I really want the Pacific community in Oz to take ownership of DRUM. I’d like to think that eventually they could feel like they own the magazine.

DRUM is after alll, ABOUT the community, FOR the community and BY the community. So I would urge everyone out there to send in photos and stories of weddings funerals, births, birthdays, anniversaries.. etc etc. We welcome all contributions.

Where can people get a copy of Drum Pasifika?
DRUM PASIFIKA is distributed at news agencies in all capital cities and regional centres across NSW, Queensland, Victoria, the Northern Territory and the ACT, you can actually get it your local newsagent; if you can’t find it, you might have to ask the newsagent for it and FYI, the distributor is called Flyaway. We will be targeting Pacific food outlets as well and we’ve only just started on that.

It costs $AU3.50 per copy and for a full year’s subscription, it’s $AU39.00. To subscribe, you can call Ducks Crossing Publications which publishes DRUM PASIFIKA on (02) 4325 7369 or visit the website and subscribe online at: http://www.duckscrossing.org/DrumPasifika.html

Vinaka Iva and the Drum Pasifika team for a great first issue!

Click here  for PDF of interview.

Drum Pasifika,   Issue 1, June 2011. Page 20.


Drum Pasifika on Facebook

Edited 12 August, 2011. Drum Pasifika is now available online only from August 2011. See blog post here for details. 

Update 15 March 2013: Drum Pasifika ceased publication in 2011. Only Issues 1 – 3 were published.


4 thoughts on “Urban Viti in Drum Pasifika

  1. Claudy says:

    wow dulc, that is so cool. I just read the interview and didn’t realise how much work you’ve done over the years and your involvement in so many projects. Congratulations gang xoxo

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