Exhibition: Cerisse Palalagi and Kopotama Jacobson

Image via Exhibition page on Facebook

For one day only, Cerisse Palalagi and Kopotama Jacobson works will be on exhibition at okaioceanikart gallery in Auckland, New Zealand.

Stock room sale of works. As well as works from Palalagi’s private collection AND new works. Works on paper from $NZ100.00. The exhibition will have live music and Pacific food. Art, music and food – what more can you ask for!

When: Sunday 29 May, 2011. From 3:00pm – 5:00pm

okaioceanikart gallery
Reef Building (opposite the Waldorf Hotel)
Level 1, 69 Beach Road
Auckland New Zealand

Website: www.okaioceanikart.com
Email: people@okaioceanikart.com

Cerisse Palalagi

Mafola series 1 |Cerisse Palalagi | 2010 |
Prints on paper | Image via okaioceanikart gallery

South Auckland Cerisse Palalagi is a printmaker and visual artist. Her work reflects her mixed heritage; she is Te Arawa and Ngai Te Rangi through her Mother and from Tuapa village, Niue through her father. The strong visual vernacular of both cultures is merged in her delicate and multi-layered prints. The koru motif that appears in many of her works in highlighter yellow or in a mint green extends the narrative quality of the traditional motif. The titles of the work are highly evocative, often in Maori or Niuean. They refer to people or places that hold personal significance to the artist.

The delicate sketch like quality of her work also reflects traditional Niuean bark cloth, hiapo, which are decorated by hand with figurative motifs such as plants and people. Decorating bark cloth became archives of Niuean history often capturing through the detailed sketches plant species, events and contemporary dress.

The detail of the works also links to other figurative art traditions, particularly the painting of Maori wharenui (meeting houses) in the 19th century.  Rooted in her identity the works are a visual whakapapa (genealogy) of the artist.

Kopotama Jacobson

Front to Back, back for the front | Kopotama Jacobson | 2008 |
Ink and brush on paper | Image via okaioceanikart gallery

Christchurch born Kopotama Jacobson is of Niuean and Palagi heritage and currently lives in Japan. Kopotama’s work is

“based from an island reshaped and evolving to continue the fit and shape when painted and to take on the perspective perceived ideas to & from the love of nothing more than nothing less, thought the mind the place of interactions & intersections,the law of the nature from zero space in to out, the invisible being,mass quantum effects, and maths equals language, ,..nonsense and love?, from this place where now things matter”. Quote from Kopotama on Facebook


Event page on Facebook

okaioceanikart gallery

Cerisse Palalagi’s blog

Kopotama Jacobson website

Kopotama on Facebook

Sources: Event page on Facebook, okaioceanikart gallery, kopotama.com


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