i see oceania: an/other oceania

We sweat and cry salt water, so we know that the ocean is really in our blood ~ Teresia Teaiwa

Weaving my blue pandanas. Broadbeach, Gold Coast, Australia. 20 July, 2010.  Original photograph was altered via Rollip using Classic Filter. Weaving my blue pandanas.
Broadbeach, Gold Coast, Australia. 20 July, 2010 | Dulcie Stewart
Published online 16 August, 2010 –
i see oceania

Since moving to Australian in 2005, I’ve had this longing for Oceania – I kept finding Pacific linkages/influences/images in my landscape and started to take photographs of them. In 2010 I created a Tumblr blog called  i see oceania.

As a person born of oceania, living and travelling cities of concrete and steel, I catch a glimpse of oceania everywhere. Be it people, trees, shadows, buildings etc…i see oceania. [Extract from i see oceania blog]

As part of Pacific Storms 2011 exhibition opening this week at Logan Art Gallery, I am exhibiting a series of digital prints inspired by i see oceania titled an/other oceania.

Curated by Joycelin Kauc Leahy, Pacific Storms strives not to stereotype Pacific arts, but aims to capture the viewer and draw attention to Pacific culture in the contemporary sense as seen through the eyes of Pacific artists. Artists from ten Pacific Island countries question the present, highlight the now and draw attention to what lies under leis, sunshine and the stereotype view of Pacific Islands as underdeveloped and creators of predominantly primitive art.

an/other oceania

an/other oceania | Dulcie Stewart | 12 Digital prints.
Individual prints: 254mm x 254mm | 2010-2011.

The use of geometric designs and repetitive linear lines is prominent in traditional (like tatau, tapa, woven mats, adornments etc.) and contemporary Pacific art. The photographs I’m exhibiting at Pacific Storms 2011 are my interpretation of these geometric and linear lines in diaspora.

Migration is part of the Pacific journey – we moved across the Pacific Ocean from island to island and sometimes we returned the way we came and finally settled somewhere, than slowly we started to move again, to Australia, to New Zealand and elsewhere.

With the threat of sea levels rising due to climate change, the peoples of many Pacific Island countries will have to be resettled and relocated. This idea of continuous migration becomes a different journey… an/other oceania.

Pacific Storms
18 May – 25 June, 2011

Opening night: 20 May, 2011.
Curators talk at 5:30pm, with official opening at 6:00pm.

Logan Art Gallery
Cnr Wembley Road and Jacaranda Ave,
Logan Central, Queensland, Australia

I’d like to take this opportunity to say Vinaka vakalevu to Luisa Tora, Ema Tavola and Joycelin Leahy.


7 thoughts on “i see oceania: an/other oceania

  1. Torika says:

    This work is so beautiful Dulcie! Congrats lady – I can’t wait to show this to my students next year for their typography/conceptual strategies assignment. Looking forward to seeing more of the work from Pacific Storms too – lolomas txoxo

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