Exhibitions: Sheyne Tuffery

Sheyne Tuffery  is a Wellington based multi-media visual artist of Samoan heritage. He is perhaps best known for the dynamic style of his prints and mixed media work. Tuffery describes himself as a paper architect who uses his work to create and represent his own cultural context and sense of belonging.

His prints and paintings often envisage Polynesia as a futuristic urban utopia; with the Samoa fale as the symbolic archetype for skyscrapers, apartment housing and rocketships (vaka). These works reflect Tuffery’s research into his Samoan heritage and symbolism, his travel wanderlust and his taste for big overseas cities. They also reveal ongoing influences, the world of fantasy, comics and cartoons, which add a sense of immediacy and humour to his subject matter. ~ from Sheyne Tuffery website

For those in Auckland, you have a chance to see two of his solo exhibitions this month.

Uxbridge Creative Centre presents The Lost World – a solo exhibition by multimedia artist Sheyne Tuffery April 29th – May 18th 2011.

Image via Uxbridge Creative Centre

Based in Wellington, Tuffery’s exhibition The Lost World explores what New Zealand’s first wave of Polynesian seafarers initially encountered in this garden of earthly delights with its enormous wingless birds and unique reptiles. With media ranging from relief prints, oil paintings and digital works on paper, The Lost World will cement Tuffery as a leading creative figure.

Drawing on his Samoan heritage, Tuffery’s prints and paintings frequently feature symbols and visual references of a Polynesian nature embedded in the shapes and forms occupying his compositions. In The Lost World these forms are native New Zealand birdlife and reptiles, extinct and living, with elegant Moas sharing the landscape with oversized tuataras and penguins.

28 April at 18:30 – 18 May at 16:00
Gallery 1, Uxbridge Creative Centre
35 Uxbridge Road, Howick
Auckland, New Zealand

Public Programmes:
Woodblock Printing with Sheyne: Sat 21 & Sun 22 May (To enrol in the workshop please contact reception (09) 535 6467)
Printmaking for Kids: Sat 14 May, 10am ($2) (Please register your interest with reception)

Gallery hours:
Monday – Friday: 9am – 4pm, Saturday: 9:30am – 2pm.  The galleries are closed during public holiday weekends.
Exhibition hours do vary, so please phone 09 535 6467 to confirm.

Admission is free of charge.

Papakura Art Gallery presents The Ancient Mariners – a solo exhibition by Sheyne Tuffery 14 May – 11 June 2011.

Image via Pacific Arts Summit blog

Becoming a Matai (Samoan Chief) was the catalyst for Sheyne Tuffery’s multimedia exhibition The Ancient Mariners.

Tuffery said he responded to the significance of being given the title of Matai by taking a fresh look at Polynesian history.

The Ancient Mariners is an exhibition depicting my perpetual fascination with Polynesian antiquity and the incredible seafaring of our ancestors. My new work is an artist’s depiction of Island life when the Polynesians were searching of new lands to start new cultures 2000 years before the first missionaries began to even think about coming down here.”

The Ancient Mariners features oil paintings, digital prints and mixed media works on paper.

The Ancient Mariners  is part of the 2011 South Auckland Pacific Arts Summit.

14 May-11 June 2011
Papakura Art Gallery
10 Averill Street, Papakura
South Auckland, New Zealand

Gallery hours:
Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm. Saturday, 10am-2pm
Exhibition opening: 14 May 2011, 10.30am-12pm

Admission is free of charge.

Papakura Art Gallery on 09 297 7510 or email gallery@papakuraarts.co.nz


Sources: Uxbridge Creative Centre, Sheyne Tuffery websiteAuckland Council

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