Ta’aroa: Pacific Ballet of Creation in Four Acts

The University of the South Pacific

Oceania Centre for Arts, Culture and Pacific Studies

In Collaboration with the French Embassy – Suva, Fiji



Pacific Ballet of Creation in Four Acts

Ta’aroa premiers tonight in Suva. Directed and produced by Allan Alo, the production is based on Tahitian, Samoan and Maori mythologies.

“We incorporate our identities and the ways our Pacific bodies move and tell stories of our people through this newly-created genre ù Pacific Ballet.

“I wanted to create a ballet that shows the way, we as Pacific people react to pressure from outside, showing that no matter what pressure we face, we adapt, emulate and move forward.

“Today I want to show a Pacific way of ballet that accompanies a choir but most importantly highlighting the stories of our people and their identities – their journeys and ancestral linkages.

“Here the mythologies of Polynesia will invoke a sense of beginning, relatedness and continuity for us Pacific islanders to traverse further.”

~ Allan Alo, Fiji Times, 28 March, 2011.

Ta’aroa features the Oceania Dance Theatre, Pasifika Voices and the Davui String Ensemble. Concept and original text by French poet Rodger Lesgards. Music by Calvin Rore. Lead Choreography by Katalina Fotofili.

Click on the links below to read articles from the Fiji Times:

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28 Mar 2011 … April 14 to 16 is your chance to watch Ta’aroa, a Pacifc Ballet of Creation at the Suva Civic Centre. The performance is a collaboration …

•  Tulevu, the dancer – Fiji Times Online

31 March 2011…Next month, he will again re-live these thrilling experiences when he joins the cast of “Ta’aroa Pacific Ballet of Creations in Four Acts – a Pacific Ballet …

Pacific ballet – Fiji Times Online

2 Apr 2011 … Mr Alo said dancers taking part in Ta’aroa, a Pacific Ballet of Creation at the Civic Centre in Suva from April 14 to 16, were challenged …

Dance troupe prepares – Fiji Times Online

6 Apr 2011 … THE theme for the Ta’aroa – Pacific Ballet of Creation is old, traditional and with a blend of contemporary Polynesia including Tahiti, …

Passion for mythology – Fiji Times Online

7 Apr 2011 … The script will be transformed in a week’s time when choir and dancers take the stage to perform Fiji’s first ballet – Ta’aroa – Pacific …

Ateca and Sinu dance of fertility – Fiji Times Online

8 Apr 2011 … They hope to join the cast of Ta’aroa Pacific Ballet of Creations in Four Acts to be held on April 14-16. Ateca and Sinukula have been …

My Pacific Identity – Fiji Times Online

11 Apr 2011 … Music Director Calvin Rore will be directing the ‘Ta’aroa Pacific Ballet of Creation, a production based on Polynesian Mythology by USP’s …

Ballet show a labour of love – Fiji Times Online

11 Apr 2011 … Ta’aroa – Pacific ballet of creation – is the last production for University of the South Pacific dance department choreographer/artistic …

[youtube  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=khplXI1ZR0o%5D

Interview by Fiji One

Check out Ta’aroas Facebook event page.

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