Auckland Arts Festival 2011 : The Heart of Everything

The Heart of Everything

Aboriginal Painting from Mornington and Bentinck Islands, Australia. Presented by Tim Melville Gallery

Joseph Watt, Dibirdibi Man Totem, 2006. Acryic on linen (diptych), 1210mm H x 910mm W (each panel).

“At the heart of everything is the land. It is the way we think and feel about the land that makes us Aboriginal”. Larry Lanley (1927-1981) Chairman: Mornington Island Council

In this exhibition, 14 artists and two distinct painting practices from Far North Queensland point to the intimate connection between people and land. Mornington Island’s Lardil people are well-known for the dynamic body-paint designs of their dancers, inherited from their Spirit Ancestors, now being translated onto canvas as a ‘doorway to the ancestors’ for their young people. Adding to the contemporary dialogue of ‘painting up country’ are the vibrant landscapes of the Kaiadilt women of nearby Bentinck Island.

Tim Melville Gallery
2 Kitchener Street, Auckland, New Zealand
1-26 March, 2011 Hours Tue-Fri, 11am-6pm / Sat, 11am-3pm

The Auckland Arts Festival kicks off on March 2, a spectacular line-up of theatre, dance, music, film, visual arts and special events, the Festival brings the world’s best to Auckland over 19 exciting days.

Our Festival programme celebrates the infinite possibilities of the human imagination, the thrill of discovery, and the excitement of travel to exotic places – both in this world, and in the worlds of creativity, ideas and dreams. Auckland Arts Festival 2011 is your passport to an incredible universe of performance, entertainment, arts and ideas.”

-Artistic Director David Malacari

Source and Images: The Auckland Arts Festival


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