Artscape – Anatomy: Eye | Sistagirls Documentary tonight ABC1 @ 10pm

Bindi Cole is a Melbourne based artist and award winning photographer. Cole was followed by filmmakers Andy Canny and Donna McCrum, whose documentary Eye will screen tonight on ABC1 in Australia at 10pm as part of ABC1′s Artscapeseries.

Join Bindi and filmmaker Donna McCrum for a one-hour live web forum after the documentary from 10.30pm at

Check out House of Black Stars blog post about Cole: At home on the Tiwi Islands but doing it tough: meet Crystal Love and her Sistagirls

bindi CRYSTAL LOVE is big, brash and uses language that would make a sailor blush – pretty much how you would expect a drag queen to behave.

Yet behind the bravado lies a troubled soul.

Love says she believed she was a woman despite being born male: ”It’s like I’m trapped in something I’m not. And it’s hard. It’s hard. It’s hard, y’know.” … Read More

via House of Black Star


Bindi Cole on the Kokonut Wireless

Blog: Bindi Cole is snap happy

Facebook: Bindi

Flickr: Bindi Cole

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