Photos from Mana Takatāpui: Taera Tāne opening

Mana Takatāpui: Taera Tāne opened on Saturday (29 January, 2011) at the City Gallery Wellington in the Deane Gallery, Wellington, New Zealand.

Ema Tavola, Fijian New Zealand based writer, curator, arts administrator at Fresh Gallery Otara in South Auckland was in Wellington for the opening and took these photos.

Work by Fear Brampton

Tanu Gago with his self portrait

Work by Hoteera Riri

Richard Kereopa discussing his work

To see more photos from the opening visit Ema’s Colour Me Fiji flickr account here.

You can also view the making of “Jerry the Fa’afafine” photo series by Tanu Gago (photographer: Vinesh Kumaran) on Ema’s flickr account here.


Jerry The Fa’afafine (In The Manner Of A Samoan Man) by Ema Tavola


Image via City Gallery Wellington

Curated by Reuben Friend, Mana Takatāpui: Taera Tāne is a visual art exhibition exploring Pacific perspectives on gay culture and male sexuality in contemporary Aotearoa New Zealand society is part of the Outgames Visual Arts Programme.

Mana Takatāpui: Taera Tāne presents the voices of five artists of Samoan and Māori descent; Fear Brampton, Tanu Gago, Richard Kereopa, Dan Taulapapa McMullin and Hoteera Riri. Unlocking stereotypes and exploring double standards, each artist looks at the interplay between culture and sexuality.

Public Programme

Open City—Out in the Gallery
Friday 18 March, 6–9:30pm

Exhibition is on until 10 April, 2011 at City Gallery Wellington, 101 Wakefield St, Civic Square, Wellington, New Zealand.

Further Information

Urban Viti blog post

Press Release: Mana Takatāpui—Five artists in the Deane Gallery

Mana Takatapui catalogue text

Images courtesy of Ema Tavola.

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