Etsy find: jessamity

Etsy is a unique shopping website focused on handmade gifts, apparel and accessories. Etsy is dedicated to connecting artists and designers who create fabulous things with the people who want to buy them. I just wish there were more Pacific Island artists/crafters on Etsy – including myself!

I have blogged about jewelery sold on Etsy before in my Wishlist posts in December.  I’ve come across more beauties on Etsy that have hints of Pasifika in their designs – sort of like my Kerei posts but Etsy finds will be a new blog post series dedicated to Etsy products.


First up is jessamity from New Mexico in the USA. Who is

inspired by dreams, gypsies, tribal nomads, jungle warriors, floating through hazy clouds, concrete and rust, amoebous particles floating through the ocean of life and the desert’s desolate, yet primitive beauty.

Vintage 40s Orange and Black Triangles Big Pockets Skirt

40s high waist orange black cotton skirt. Fabric has a faint gold tribal print all over. Belt loops. Big, roomy pockets on each hip. Kick pleats on each hip. Button and metal zipper closure at left hip. $US38.00 (excludes shipping).


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