Unnevered in my hands

The Queensland Art Gallery/Gallery of Modern Art in Brisbane had a competition on their Facebook fan page for a free copy of the Unnerved: The New Zealand Project publication.

Loved the ‘Unnerved’ exhibition, desire the book? We have one ‘Unnerved: The New Zealand Project’ publication to give away. Just let us know your favorite work or artist from the exhibition and why.

Here’s my winning entry!
Unnerved: The New Zealand Projec

“Digital Marae by Lisa Reihana would have to be my favourite.

In the Pacific, mythology and our legends are both complex and diverse, and some gods are shared between groups of islands. Their exact roles often overlapping as one god can appear in different places under different names and a god can also appear in different forms.

So the life-size photographs in Digital Marae of these powerful mythological figures is familiar to me yet new, as Reihana shows them in a different light. As I walked into the exhibition I could feel its mana – the images are powerful and command your attention.

And since it’s the first time that all of the photos in the series have been shown together, it makes it even more special.”

The exhibition and publication has a strong Pacific presence. Featuring Laurence Aberhart, Shigeyuki Kihara, Jacqueline Fraser, Lonnie Hutchinson, Michael Parekowhai, Lisa Reihana, Greg Semu, John Pule and more.

“This richly illustrated publication — bringing together more than 120 works by over 30 artists, from the late 1960s to the present — explores a particularly rich, dark vein in contemporary New Zealand art and cinema and includes a strong focus on photography and moving-image works.

Lead essays by Maud Page, Senior Curator, Pacific Art, and Wystan Curnow, Professor of English at the University of Auckland, examine New Zealand’s contemporary artistic practice in terms of complex traditions and histories, as well as a changing social, political and cultural landscape, while short essays explore the work of each artist in turn.

Major sculptures by Michael Parekowhai, installations by Lisa Reihana and Michael Stevenson, and photographic series by Yvonne Todd, Gavin Hipkins, Anne Noble and Greg Semu feature alongside film and video art by Sriwhana Spong and Nathan Pohio, as well as the work of emerging artists James Oram and Lorene Taurerewa.”

~ Blurb from publication.

The publication is available online at $39.05.

The exhibition is at GoMa until 4 July 2010, and will travel to the National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne, later in 2010.


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