Kerei: geometric factor

The use of geometric designs and repetitive linear lines is prominent in tapa designs. So I’m loving these finds I found online, especially the cushion covers.

Fabric on the wall by GP & J Baker via decor8

DIY Contact Paper Privacy Film  via Apartment Therapy

RittenHouse and Yerba Buena Pillows

by Emily Goodwin Wong

via Apartment Therapy

If you’re new to tapa see Talking Tapa: Pasifika Bark Cloth in Queensland Information sheet by the Museum of Brisbane and for the original post about Kerei see this post: Kerei: hiapo in taprestry.

5 thoughts on “Kerei: geometric factor

  1. Claudy says:

    Hey Dulc,

    those designs look awesome (and as you said, particularly nice on the cushion covers). Would be nice to have similar ones…I so enjoy reading your blog, its awesome!

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