VOU: Love Here

VOU is a contemporary dance group based in Fiji. ‘VOU’ is Fijian for ‘new’ which is actually what the group has to offer with an array of traditional, contemporary and modern fusion dance that will leave you amazed.

They have just released their first music video called Love Here. Directed by Sachiko Miller and Pita Thompson. Shot at the Suva Market and Sigatoka Sand Dunes in Fiji.

VOU has also released on YouTube a showcase of their dancers, titled VOU Submission.

Starring: Sachiko Miller, Edward Soro, Samu Cama, Tevita Soro, Patricia Naisara, Wayne Mataika, Suzy Digitaki, Adi Lo Foi, John Peckham, Joe Whippy and Tubia Tabakaucoro.

Created by: Sachiko Miller

Directed by: Pita Thompson

2 thoughts on “VOU: Love Here

  1. Sachiko Miller says:

    Thank you Dulcie for supporting VOU and Pacific Island artists! keep this wonderful blog coming. And we will keep on trying to create something ‘VOU’.
    Vinaka Vakalevu!

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