Tapa Wall Feature

In 2008 I painted two feature walls for my former sister-in-law. She had these cushions (a gift from Fiji) and was inspired to have the same tapa designs on her wall.

I consulted two books, Pacific Tapa and Traditional Tapa Textiles of the Pacific, both of which were a great resource for drawing up my design plans.

Tapa Wall

First I tapped an outline of my design. I recommend using Scotch-Blue Painters Tape, as the paint does not bleed through compared to other tapes. Then I drew my motifs on the tape.

Tapa Wall

Tapa Wall

I used a craft knife to cut out the the areas that were to be painted.

Tapa Wall

As you can see the motifs were very detailed.

Tapa Wall

Once all the drawing and cutting were done, the walls were painted. Acrylic house paint was used as it’s easier to clean up and correct mistakes. The tape was removed once the paint dried and I had to do a little bit of touch up with a fine paint brush.

It took a couple of weekends to complete but it was worth it!


2 thoughts on “Tapa Wall Feature

  1. wilson says:

    Nice nice work! I’ll be the first to admit; first time for me to see patterned fijian artwork like this on somewhere else other then on the usual tapa, pillow & sulus i see everywhere 🙂

    Just had a funny thought ‘and then the family moved to another house’ ><

    Stuff like that not the kind you can just pack with you and take elsewhere aye 😀

    Also – kerekere can we see more of YOUR work? It is your website you know 😉

  2. cieart says:

    Lol, don’t think they’d sell their place anytime soon. But if not, they’ll baci ask me to do another one!

    As for my work…it’s more like what work. I haven’t painted in ages – now that’s a start of a blog post 😀

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