King Kapisi : Hip-Hop Lives Here

Highlights from the very first Hip-Hop Lives Here Exhibition presented by The Plantation Store. Works and skills were collated to support the release of King Kapisi’ fourth album, Hip-Hop Lives Here (yet to be released). Special guests on the night Chaz Bojorquez, Angry Woebot, DLT, Ned Roy, Che Fu, maitreya, Dam Native (Hypa!) Scalper, Tha Feelstyle, DJ Dusty Grooves, DJ Orawan, Emory Douglas and Chaz Doherty.

In 2009, King Kapisi kicked off a Winter Tour throughout Aotearoa (New Zealand) with a stopover in Los Angeles, San Francisco and Toronto. The  Aotearoa tour consisted of maitreya, Scalper, Tha Feelstyle, DJ Orawan and DJ Dusty Grooves.

Hand in hand was an exhibition – a collection of ill visual artists, submitted pieces interpreting King Kapisi’s music and hip-hop. This collection of artworks will be travelling with him around the world, as well as hooking up with local hip-hop practitioners where-ever they may be.


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