BULA on my bookshelf

Images via LushleeVelvet, Bigcartel and Vintage Pink Online

Words as decor has been popular for a while now and in my opinion has become sort of an overkill. But I do have to admit that I have a few words around my home, as you’ll see later in this post. I like quirky random letters, a mixture of letters from different type of materials (wood, iron etc) and vintage letters as seen in Design*Sponge.

Images via Design*Sponge

I have two words, both say dream which was inspired by a ceramic plate I purchased in 2006 from the departure lounge at Auckland Airport in New Zealand.


The plate (next to the letter B) was hand-made by Janine Martin but I couldn’t find anything about her online. Moemoea is engraved on the plate which is Maori for dream, while dream is written below Moemoea but isn’t clear in the photo.

On a trip to San Francisco last year I bought this iron Dream. The painting is an original by me.


The next dream I bought was earlier this year at The Warehouse in Auckland. The silver tree is a jewellery stand which I also got from The Warehouse. The boxes are shoe boxes painted white and they house my art and craft supplies.


I’ve taken this decorating idea of using words and letters and made it my own and you can do the same.


My bookcase has the word bula (greeting in Fijian) split between two shelves. And my fridge below has loloma (love in Fijian).


I bought the letters from Beverly’s craft shop in San Francisco in 2008. The one of my fridge were originally  white and were bought with magnets already glued to the back of each letter.

Check any craft and art supply store or online for letters and create your own words!


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