Urban Viti is born!

The idea behind this blog was born after I saw a post on The Design File in April on Dana Huges home in Sydney, Australia. What immediately made my mouth water was Dana’s beautiful rug in her living room.

Image via The Design Files

I fell in love with it straight away. If you’re from Fiji than the motif on the rug would remind you of Fiji tapa.

Image via Tepuna Museum of New Zealand

A few days later I came across another blog Door Sixteen by Anna and loved her posts about her and her husband, Evans renovation adventures of their home they purchased in 2006 in Newburgh, New York. I spent the night going through her archives and came across a post from 2007 about the new rug they bought for their living room.

Image via Door Sixteen

Then I came across a feature in the magazine Notebook (April, 2008) of the same rug!


Image from Notebook (April, 2008)

All in a span of five days I saw this rug 3 times! I was able to find out from Anna’s post in Door Sixteen that the rug is a Alvine Triangel from IKEA. Sadly they don’t stock it anymore.

Afterwards I kept seeing Pacific influences in designs and furniture on blogs and in magazines. I wanted to share these but found that I wasn’t reaching a wider audience by posting it on my personal pages on Facebook or Twitter.

Out of this, Urban Viti was born.

Urban Viti will be dedicated to contemporary art, fashion, home and product design in the Pacific. I hope to feature interviews, recipes, diy projects, book reviews, information about exhibitions/performances/events, design finds from rugs to jewellery, product reviews and home tours.


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